Motivational Mondays

So I want to try out this new thing where I take conventional/relatively well known sayings or quotes and add my own spin on them. I shall call it motivational Mondays. Ironically, my comments will most likely strongly detract from the motivational aspect of the quote. Also, every other Monday, I’ll post a few for you guys to add in your own little comments. Here are some examples:

Anthony Robbins: “the past does not equal the future.”


Albert Einstein: “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

You’re right, I’m not going to memorize the periodic table for my Chem exam, I’m going to imagine what it looks like. The answers will come to me.

C.S Lewis: you are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.

when I’m 90, my goal will be to not shit my pants. My dream will be to make it to bingo on time.


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