How I feel about the fact that tomorrow is monday


I would be just as upset if I dropped my ice cream. I really identify with her pain.

Also I have a mini story: So on Friday I went out with my friends and we went to a few different parties. I come home at around 2 am by myself and I don’t have a roommate so no one was around to see the following sequence of events. My room is super messy because before I go out, I try on at least 15 different outfits even though I know exactly what everything looks like on me and somehow I still end up feeling like I have nothing to wear. Anyway, I chose an outfit, but the other 14 outfits that I did not wear were scattered throughout my room and were mainly on my floor. So I walk in, and I trip over a shoe I think (the memory is a little fuzzy because….well because vodka) and I go down HARD, but somehow I only fell on the right side of my body. Anyway, I’m on the floor and of course I think this is hilarious, so just picture a girl on the floor, alone in a room, laughing hysterically. On a completely related note, every time I fall, NO ONE is around to see it. I have the greatest luck in the world when it comes to tripping and falling (or falling halfway down the stairs which I’ve also done, but I won’t get into that right now). Happy (but sad) almost Monday.

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