Pick up line competition

So I was in the dining hall yesterday and I think it’s important to tell you that I generally dress a little bummy. I was wearing a big grey sweatshirt that said Michigan on it (even though I don’t go to Michigan University), leggings, and uggs. Standard apparel for a female college student. So this guy comes up to me and I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me and he says “Excuse me, grey sweatshirt (yeah that’s what he called me).” And I said “yes?” With a straight face he says, “Do you know what my sweatshirt is made out of?” And I thought he was actually asking me about the material and I responded “I don’t know. But probably the same material mine is made out of because they look pretty similar.” Then he asked me again, “Do you know what my sweatshirt is made out of? Feel it.” And at this point I was confused because I had just informed him what I thought about his sweater. So I felt his sweater and he says, “It’s made out of boyfriend material.” This was very upsetting to me because I had actually heard this pick up line before and I was disappointed in myself for not picking up on it right away. In my head, I was all “damn he got me.” Then, I said “Oh. Good one,” and kept my face straight as a fucking ironing board to express that I was unimpressed. He pulls out his phone and asked if he could have my number and I said “No.” and walked away (because I was late for class and to establish my dominance.)

So anyway, I wanted to hear some pick up lines from you all! Post your best/worst/offensive pick up lines in the comments!!

Just to prove how cliche this pick up line was: #unoriginal

How I felt about the boy after the encounter:


The pick up line I would love to use in the near future:


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